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    build a rocket is a Cologne, Germany-based eSports consulting agency with unparalleled experience in the market and an uncompromising independence.

    We are gamers at heart and strategists by conviction – and maybe a bit nerdy at times. We develop strategies, build products, create content and launch campaigns.

    We’re dedicated to eSports – and your company’s share in the vast universe of opportunity. build a rocket is your unique consultant in this field at the vanguard of digitization.
    eSports' here to stay
    “People were saying: eSports is a hype. Today I’m convinced I’ll be working in eSports until my retirement.”

    Alexander Albrecht

    eSports Opportunities
    "Understanding the strategic opportunities of eSports of our partners always delivers highly customized solutions."

    Tobias Heim

    Two experienced partners you should consult with

    Two founders initiated build a rocket in 2016 – but the history of the duo goes back much further. They were among the initial team members of what is today the world’s leading eSports company. From the early 2000’s, Alexander and Tobias helped build and grow some of the industry’s leading online and offline competitions, events and brands.

    With a vast network in the gaming, eSports, digital publishing and marketing sectors, they have been sought-after consultants for many years. Both also have strong roots in gaming and non-profit computer culture and share a common interest in growing the market while preserving its spirit of playfulness.


  • Our services

    Market, Product and event strategies
    Looking for the right place for your brand? build a rocket will find a cozy spot in the eSports universe.
    Promoting endemic and non-endemic
    The eSports cosmos offers various great possibilities for your company. build a rocket will identify them for you.
    eSports Business model development
    Great projects result from great planning - build a rocket will build your individual eSports model.
    Marketing and managing campaigns
    Highlighting your brand in a fitting spotlight is our mission - we will create your unique campaign.
    eSports sponsorship activation
    Videos, tournaments and social media marketing are great ways to enable your vision - we will realise the perfect activation for you.

    Independent eSports consulting
    We guarantee independent consulting. If we see conflicts of interest, build a rocket will not start the mission.





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